Eleaf iStick 30W Evaluation

If this unveiled on top of the current market in 2009, nonetheless there was clearly numerous spots for improvement.Eleaf have paid attention to their

buyers and have launched a substantially enhanced and even more powerful model which continues to be identical minor size.

Inthis article we look at how the Eleaf iStick 30W is enhanced in the 20W and what its stand out capabilities are.

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Eleaf iStick 30W Intro

Eleaf’s iStick 20W was insanely well-known:

Look at Merchandise

2 .Some reductions rely for your physical location.

EleafiStick 30W Technical specs featuring

Set up Material

1 times iStick 30W Package Mod

1 times 510VersusMoi Card

1 by Minuscule Universal serial bus to Universal series bus Getting Cable

1 times Hardware Wall Card


Size: 77mm a 23mm x 32.5mm

Coloration: African american, Fuchsia and Gold Pink

Tension productivity: 2.0V – 8.0V

Electricity outcome: 5W – 30W

Threads: 510 spring packed hitting the ground with metal threading

4-5. ohm

2200mAh power supply

Noteworthy Responses

Advancements about the iStick 30W in the aged 20W

Eleaf iStick 30WFor eachiStick 20W

Elevated tension Array: 2 – 8V

Enhanced electricity consuming: 5 – 30W

Spring crammed 510 pin number and stainless threads

Watts jewelry armoire operate

Perfect for bass speaker ohm esmoking: .4 – 5.0ohm

Broader platform towards the top to take into consideration 23mm tanks (no overlap)

Selling price

The Eleaf iStick 30W is cost all over Money35-40, according to the place you have it from.It will save you 10Pct on your own invest in with our bonus code towards the bottom with the page.

AtBucks35 I believe the Eleaf iStick 30W is definitely an total good deal.In all probability it is not that quite as premium quality as the Innokin MVP 3., however it is totally little and performs nicely.In addition, i like the point that Eleaf have paid attention to suggestions for the 20W unit and have involved that in to the iStick 30W, the industry considerably improved system.It really is a very remarkable extremely minor pack mod that’s the capability of using the latest sub ohm dive bombs that goes crazy for.

SubOhm Ability and much more Power

Eleaf iStick 30WFor eachKanger Subtank Smaller Handcheck

I Really stated previously the fact that Eleaf iStick 30W may use the newest subscription ohm septic tanks.The iStick can fire down to .4 ohms and all sorts of way up to 5ohm.If you’re looking for your below ohm reservoir for that iStick 3W I recommend the Subtank Smaller, Nano, Eleaf Melo, Smoktech VCT or Wish Atlantis.The Joyetech Delta 2 flames best more than 30W so I would opt for the Eleaf iStick 50W in order for you that fish tank.The Artic by Horizon Computer will likely need to have electricity.

Ifyou really do not here is a sub-contract ohm water tank I would suggest the Nautilus Small, Kanger Aerotank or maybe the Eleaf GS Surroundings.

Dimensions and Aestetics

Eleaf iStick 30W Target Hardware Slot

The iStick 30W delivers plenty of advancements across the 20W product, therefore you would eliminate Eleaf should the 30W release was larger.Nevertheless they have been able to ensure that it stays pretty much the exact same measurements.Look into the pix listed below to acquire a emotion for just how teeny it’s.Really it is best for dropping in the bank and getting to you.My i and sister also just love its small dimensions, making it so handy and perfect for a little turn invisible vape, What’s more, it now fire as much as 30W and that is 10W greater than the more mature 20W unit.The iStick 30W will thus deal with any kind of tank and will work efficiently for many of us the below ohm fish tanks.! All fit get rid of without any overhang.

OverallI assume the iStick 30W appears fantastic.We like to our red coloured one and it also is found very effectively with your fretting hand when esmoking.I would also suggest receiving a rubber sleeve because of it, which protects it a lttle bit and helps grasp.

Better510 Stainless and Code Threading

The personal identification threads and number was an area a lot of people complained about about the 20W model.Eleaf added and listened in a pleasant spg packed 510 plug, with improved upon stainless-steel threads.The threads is better made and now we have not got any threads problems at this point.The planting season packed flag ensures that fitted any container in the device is a chunk a pastry as well as the fish tanks and clearomizers sit very remove,

The single thing which is somewhat greater could be the best cap which was expanded marginally.They did this so 23mm tanks will sit cleanse without having overhang.The sub ohm dive bombs which can be mainly 22mm! If you’d like to lock the electrical power or existing you are esmoking at, this can be done by positioning down the furthermore and subtracting control keys.What this means is it is going to lock therefore you just can’t mistakenly customize the electricity consuming or present when vaping.The display has a more rewarding accelerometer for scrolling top to bottom between wattages more quickly.

Toswitch in between electrical power and current simply click the fire button 3x.To turn away from the unit thoroughly hit the fire button 5 times.


Improved upon Control keys and Monitor

Eleaf iStick 30W Display/Control buttons

The keys appear to rattle a smaller amount around the 30W compared to 20W, which happens to be great.The display also now carries a power level fasten aspect.ePass-by Asking

The iStick 30W is usually charged by way of Hardware and it has a come into contact with getting engineering, which means you can vape while asking for.My only moderate annoyance could be that the getting port is on the bottom but not quietly, which means you simply cannot take a seat it erect when getting.To demand the product completely it had taken all around 2 and a half several hours.


The Li-P . o . power supply is similar electric power battery power as around the 20W machine (2200mAh).In case you are esmoking on / off in the lessen power level, you could get a handful of days’ price of esmoking with 1 fee.Having said that, when you are below ohm vaping at 30W on .5ohm coil nailers rather to a great extent, you will get by a single battery in 4-5 several hours.It daily life should final most vapers each day, but it’ll depend on your use.

Iwould have preferred to have seen a rather much stronger battery power that continues a bit more for a longer time, but it really was not a deal buster in any respect.That will likely to end up only real minor gripe about the iStick 30W.If you would like a lot more life of the battery however would look at the Eleaf 50W or maybe the Innokin MVP 3..

Improvementson the iStick 30W above the outdated 20W

Eleaf iStick 30WVersusiStick 20W

Elevated existing Variety: 2 – 8V

Enhanced electrical power: 5 – 30W

Spring packed 510 pin and steel threads

Electricity locking perform

Able to below ohm esmoking: .4 – 5.0ohm

Larger platform at the pinnacle to accommodate 23mm tanks (no overlap)


The Eleaf iStick 30W is cost close to Bucks35-40, based upon the spot where you buy it from.You can save 10Percentage on your own purchase with his discount code towards the bottom of your webpage.

AtBucks35 I feel the Eleaf iStick 30W is really an total great buy.It in all probability is not that nearly as good quality for the reason that Innokin MVP 3., but it is unquestionably little and works nicely.I additionally like the belief that Eleaf have listened to comments on the 20W device and have included that into your iStick 30W, that is a significantly increased gadget.It’s a very outstanding super tiny package mod which includes the proportions of employing the newest below ohm septic tanks that everybody goes crazy in love with.

SubOhm Potential and a lot more Power

Eleaf iStick 30WPerKanger Subtank Little Handcheck

So I already mentioned that the Eleaf iStick 30W can make use of the newest sub-contract ohm holding tanks.The iStick can shoot right down to .4 ohms and all sorts of far to 5ohm.It also now fires around 30W that is 10W above the mature 20W unit.The iStick 30W will hence use just about any tank and will work well for most the below ohm aquariums.If you would like for your sub-contract ohm tank for any iStick 3W I recommend the Subtank Smaller, Ipod nano, Eleaf Melo, Smoktech VCT or Aspire Atlantis.The Joyetech Delta 2 that will fire most effective over 30W thus i would choose the Eleaf iStick 50W in order for you that fish tank.The Artic by Skyline Tech will even want energy.

Ifyou do not would like a subwoofer ohm water tank I recommend the Nautilus Small, Kanger Aerotank or even the Eleaf GS Oxygen.

Size and Aestetics

Eleaf iStick 30W Tiny Universal serial bus Slot

The iStick 30W offers lots of developments above the 20W unit, so you would absolve Eleaf in the event the 30W version was more substantial.Nevertheless they have were maintain it pretty much exactly the same dimension.Browse the images under to have a sensation just for how small it can be.It is really beneficial to plummeting on your bottom line and committing to along.My cousin and that i just adore its little size, making it so effortless and best for a bit stealth vape! All fit flush with no overhang.

OverallI consider the iStick 30W appears to be like really great.We love our pink coloured 1 and yes it is situated unbelievably properly in the give when vaping.I might also recommend buying a silicon sleeve because of it, which protects it a little and elevates proper grip.

Better510 Steel and Code Threading

The pin threads and number was one area plenty of people were not impressed with within the 20W unit.Eleaf took in and extra a nice spring season jam-packed 510 connector, with increased steel threads.The threading is already better therefore we haven’t received any threading challenges until now.The springtime jam-packed green ensures that installation any fish tank in the system is a bit a dessert and all the tanks and clearomizers remain nice and get rid of,

The single thing that is a bit more substantial will be the major hat which has been expanded a little bit.They performed this so 23mm holding tanks will sit eliminate without the overhang.The sub-contract ohm fish tanks which might be generally 22mm!

Superior Control Display and keys

Eleaf iStick 30W Computer screen/Keys

The switches often rattle a smaller amount on the 30W compared to 20W, and that is good.The monitor also now includes a electricity secure aspect.If you’d like to fasten the wattage or tension you happen to be esmoking at, you can do this by having about the additionally and subtract keys.Therefore it is going to shut and you simply can not inadvertently modify the watts or existing when esmoking.The monitor even offers a greater accelerometer for scrolling along amongst wattages with less effort.

Toswitch concerning electricity and existing simply click the fireplace option three times.To turn off of the device entirely attack the fire option 5x.

USBPass-as a result of Asking for

The iStick 30W could be recharged through Universal serial bus and features a move through receiving technological know-how, therefore you can vape whilst charging you.My only bit of a aggravation is the fact that getting harbour is at the base rather than independently, and that means you just cannot sit down it upright vacuum when getting.To charge the extender completely it needed all-around 2 . 5 working hours.


The Li-P . o . power is the identical electric power power supply as around the 20W unit (2200mAh).When you are esmoking on / off in a lower watts, you will probably get a few days’ importance of vaping with one particular cost.Nevertheless, should you be subscription ohm esmoking at 30W on .5ohm circles very to a great extent, you can aquire via one battery pack in 4-5 working hours.Electric battery existence really should previous most vapers per day, but it’ll count on your use.

Iwould have preferred to have noticed a rather much stronger battery power that lasts a bit more for a longer time, nevertheless it was not an offer buster at all.That is going to more likely one and only minor gripe in regards to the iStick 30W.In order for you extra battery life i then would think about the Eleaf 50W or Innokin Most helpful site 3..


OverallI imagine the iStick 30W is an extremely reasonably priced, tiny, numerous-purposeful common box mod that will be a wonderful machine for many vapers.It gives you loads of flexibility using its capacity of termination into .4ohm, in addition to being a smallish product appears excellent, all in a very economical cost.

Ithink with regard to excellent, the iStick 30W looks like it’s created as good as the 20W, however it isn’t in the least a higher conclusion gadget.It believes somewhat plasticky and hasn’t got that same strong think that the Innokin 3. has.We have examine a couple of individuals saying that they’ve had some electro-mechanical challenges, just like the iStick not having its cost immediately after 2 or 3 weeks , which would point out if you ask me which it will not be the level of product that should previous a long time and that is chucked around.But at its price factor and then for exactly what it does, I am not saying planning on previous forever.Absolutely nothing definitely compares to the iStick 30W with regards to dimensions right now as well as most likely the Cloupor Tiny, which truly makes it a stand out machine.Were with it for a few weeks now on several sub ohm holding tanks and now we have never includes a one situation, and my friend and so i equally really like it!

Ifyou here is a tiny type of common box mod efficient at 30W and also of taking pictures as a result of .4ohm with an awesome value, then the Eleaf iStick 30W is a fantastic choice.The iStick 30W is an excellent choice for all levels of vapers, from newbies to people who subscription ohm vape.If you want more electric power check out the iStick 50W.

Allow us to read your comments in the iStick 30W and when you’ve got any queries please don’t wait shed us a comment under and we’ll reply ASAP.

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