Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA is a rabbit that lost one pair of ears …

Finally, I waited for a really interesting specimen. Everyone should know such a famous device as Dead Rabbit RDA, which has won a lot of fans around the world. Most recently, an updated version was announced, inspired by the “spirit of the times”.

It’s called drip almost as well – Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA.

Case Material: Stainless Steel
Atom Type: RDA
Capacity: unknown (small)
Diameter: 22mm
Dimensions: 37mm with drape
Connector: 510, pin gold-plated
Weight: 35g
Color: black, steel (later probably more colors will be added)

– Dead Rabbit SQ RDA
– an additional 810th derrin drip type
– an additional 510th derrine drip type
– adapter for the 510th drip types
– Hex key 2pcs (different sizes)
– spare normal pin (squonk pin preinstalled)
– screwdriver for slot
– spare lenses
– spare screws
– user guide

Well, what the design has not undergone any changes. We see all the same engraving with the rabbit’s face and crossed fur modes. The appearance is absolutely identical to the ancestral one. That’s only in diameter the rabbit returned to 22mm again. And this is very good and most profitable for the construct, about which a little later.

Drip types are in abundance here. Preset “image” resyne drip type, just put the same 810th derrine, and, drum roll, 510th under a tight tight – yes, that’s it.

The top cap retained the relief of the file. The internal processing of the dome, I’m sure, is tasty. On the sidewall of the top cap we find all the same oval twin side airflow slots with guides for supplying airflow to the coil at an angle of 45 degrees.

Plus we find two more pairs of point (small) holes, which will be responsible for the tight “MTL” tightening. They will supply air at the same angle. I personally did not try drips, imprisoned for this kind of soaring, but I’m somewhat skeptical about such a decision. I’m worried about the question – is it possible to call such a solution on drtke MTL …

The side skirt duplicates the holes in the top cap, due to the rotation of these two elements around each other and the blowing adjustment takes place.

The deck has lost two, similar to the rabbit’s ears, and there are only two of them – you understood correctly – now this drip is just under one spiral. The plus pillar is gilded. In general, the construct has changed little. The installation of the spirals is still comfortable (the screws do not deform the legs), the bath is shallow and now the main emphasis is on squonk use.

Pin is gilded and works well out of the connector, and the drip comes with a squonk set up with a pin, the usual quietly lies in a box, in a bag of dopas.

The price is $ 27 – for a novelty, and even with such a bundle, an excellent price. In addition, I have reason to believe that an adequate price will be another $ 2 – $ 4 lower. The only thing that is a bit embarrassing is that the spiral will be far enough from both blowing holes … How will this affect the taste … It remains to wait for field tests, but knowing the reputation of the manufacturer, you want to order now.

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