Limitless 24 RDA – Too many holes

If Limitless RDTA became a real sales hit,  Color Changing RDA failed to recruit the same large number of fans. This atomizer had a pretty cool design, but still pumped a little constructive. With the release of Limitless 24, we asked ourselves a simple but logical question: “Did you learn how to do limitless drips?”

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Packing and packaging

Each IJOY Limitless product packaging is made in one style, but has its own color indication. This time the box is made in purple.

The owner of a new dripka is waiting for a fairly standard set, in which there are already two prewound Clapton spirals. True, they are “tiny” for Limitless 24 RDA, but more on that later. Collectors of blue screwdrivers will be upset – in this case it is black.



  • Dripka
  • Screwdriver
  • Spare O-rings
  • Spare screws
  • Two Clapton Spirals

Appearance and constructive

Unlike the Color Changing RDA, Limitless 24 is made of plain stainless steel. The manufacturer did not provide any additional coverage. On the front side there is a corporate triangular company logo.


On the bottom of the case there are holes for the bottom airflow. On top there are 12 holes for additional air intake. Pin is enough to use an atomizer with hybrid connectors.

In the case of the Limitless 24 RDA there is an internal o-ring in the top hole. This was done to install a drip-type 810 format, which, however, is not included in the package.


Racks are a slightly modified version of the Velocity-style. The main difference is the titanium spline screws and the axes on which they walk. The upper screws are twisted through the top, and the bottom – on the side. The holes for air supply are made in the form of single oval nozzles.


Main characteristics:

  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Modified Velocity style racks
  • Titanium screws
  • Top and bottom airflow
  • Titanium screws
  • Possibility to install 810th drip type

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Tests and impressions

In this drip, Limitless is no longer like themselves. We cannot say that Limitless 24 RDA has a super interesting design, but in principle it corresponds to the general style of the company’s products. Still, you can probably expect anything from these guys, including new buildings of different colors.

The combination of Velocity racks and a diameter of 24 mm hints that this atomizer is designed for the use of large and massive spirals. Conventional uprights work wear with hexagonal screws when using impressive builds. Therefore, the manufacturer solved the problem quite competently, replacing the “hexagons” with hardened titanium titanium cross screws.

It is rather difficult to say how titanium they are. We had a rip two weeks before the official release and the first signs of deformation began to appear during the tests, which is very disappointing. Still, whatever one may say, but nothing better has been invented yet for the screws for a flat screwdriver.


Many can strain that the top screws are screwed on top, and the bottom – on the side. Perhaps if both screws were located on the side of the rack, their caps would interfere with each other — I see no other reason.

Bottom air vents are quite far from the center of Limitless 24 RDA. For all the time of use there was not a single leak. Above and below the air intake there are two o-rings, thanks to which the liquid is practically not displaced.

In the upper hole there is an internal o-ring for installation of the 810th drip type. However, in my opinion, this design looks very funny.


As soon as the first photos of this Dripka appeared, many began to confuse the upper air intake openings. And for good reason.

We did not understand why the manufacturer made 24 so many air inlets in the Limitless 24 that cannot be blocked. Partly because of them taste strongly grows dull. IJOY tried to minimize this effect by considering spherical processing, but no – you didn’t, dude, sorry.


Moreover, it is so “failed” that the problem is poorly solved by overlapping the blowing with even a vape band! The best taste was achieved by overlapping not only the top blower, but the bottom one as well.

Apparently, IJOY and they themselves know about such a problem, since we got another body, in which there were already four upper holes. Besides the fact that the taste on it becomes more acceptable (but not sufficiently saturated for me), it also differs in the reclining drip-top on magnets.

There are differences in the thickness of the walls – along with this top cap, the diameter of the drip is already 25 mm. Thanks to this, the manufacturer has managed to make the top holes at an angle. Spherical processing in this cap is missing.

It will be very interesting to watch what other accessories will be released by IJOY and Limitless. The good news is that now there are two different cases, which differ not only in design, but also in construction. So far, this drip is designed for high power – I was comfortable using it somewhere around 110-120 watts. Only at this power taste begins to manifest itself, and the pair is quite enough in the area of ​​90 watts.

Outcome, evaluation, conclusion


  • Already not hex screws
  • Two o-rings above and below the air intake
  • A lot of space for the installation of spirals
  • Various top caps


  • The taste is not very
  • Top airflow cannot be blocked
  • 810s drip types don’t look
ViVA la Cloud rating
  • Quality

  • Equipment

  • Cloud cover

  • Taste transfer

  • Ease of installation spirals

  • Fluid capacity


Limitless 24 RDA is a rather strange atomizer. It seems to be interesting, but the idiotic top unregulated airflow spoils all the cards. Among similar Chinese drips of this segment, we still prefer Nalu from Vaporesso, which, although it does not look very good, but on the other hand, tastes better.

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