Otat DNA75 Survey

Develop reaches it once more with another sort of their well-known Geonomics nick.The DNA75 is a bit more of any revision for the DNA200 computer chip as opposed a different layout it’s not designed to switch the DNA200, just join it to give modders more choices.

Firingup to 75 m and delivering as much as 35 amps, this nick works together with an individual cell electric battery supplier instead of a a few cell battery reference.This allows modders to development their packing containers within the most popular 18650 or 26650 battery packs rather then necessitating a LiPo or maybe awkward about three 18650 electric battery understanding.Please don’t misunderstand, the Reuleaux DNA200 is an excellent mod, yet not every single modder would like to ought to begin using these solutions and not all consumers would like to have a marriage of 3 energy.

Justlike the DNA200, this processor chip will have every one of the similar magnificent heat range manage features and also the capability to use their EScribe program for more change.

Thefirst common box scheduled to use the DNA75 nick could be the HCigar Vi75.It may need a single 26650 battery and are accessible in red and black comes to an end.A lot more for additional information.

HCigarDNA75 Specs

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