Wake Littlefoot 60W Preview – A Baby Yeti?

wake littlefoot 60w in blueThe finish of the black parts is a high gloss piano black with gold plated buttons and coloured panels.

littlefoot viewsThis has only a variable wattage mode so therefore should be pretty simple for most newer vapers and those who just want an easy life!

If you buy the kit the Wake Tank is included.

wake tankThe Wake tank uses either the 0.5ohm sub ohm coil for DTL vapers or the 1.5ohm MTL coil which is for higher nicotine strength E-liquid. If you have no idea what MTL or DTL means – have a nosey here.

There are 5 colours to choose from – the tank accents match the mod colour – Black, Blue, Green, Red and Gold.
wake littlefoot 60w colours

Kit Includes

  • Wake Littlefoot 60w mod
  • Wake Tank
  • 0.5ohm Flavour coil.
  • 1.5 Ω Hi-Nic MTL coil
  • Spare glass tube
  • USB cable

wake littlefoot 60W kit contents

Wake Littlefoot 60W Mod Specs

  • Wattage Range: 5w-60w
  • Battery Type: 2000mah built-in battery
  • Coil Resistance: 0.5Ω Flavour coil (30-50w)/ 1.5Ω Hi-Nic MTL Coil (15w-30w)
  • Output mode: VW mode
  • OLED Screen
  • Pocket Size

Wake Tank Specs

  • Capacity: 2.8ml
  • Top fill
  • Bottom adjustable airflow

This is really a cutie – beautiful design features and I love the simplicity of the mod.

The options for the tank – if both work well – make this pretty versatile too.

The battery capacity looks ok for the maximum output it offers.

This isn’t a cheap mod though, but it does look to be a good kit with the options included.

Would you like to cuddle up to a Littlefoot? Let me know what you think!

Now You Can Get It On : Wake Littlefoot 60W Kit

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Nikola Niagara Squonk 200W TC Kit is an interesting start

Now I will introduce you to a brand new brand. To my regret, I do not remember exactly how I got on it, now it’s even interesting. And I noticed it much earlier than it appeared in stores, more precisely so far only in one. The company is called Nikola, it can be one individual “mododel” – so far no information is available – not in the place of deployment, nor about any other available devices.

I think this manufacturer will still show itself, because the below described device (apparently pilot) is quite interesting.

Meet the two-pack adjustable sponker – Nikola Niagara Squonk 200W TC Kit .
Nikola Niagara Squonk 200W TC Kit is an interesting start ...
Dimensions: 86.3 x 61 x 29mm
Weight: unknown
Housing material: zinc alloy + plastic
Power: 2 x 18650
Output power: 7 – 200W
Voltage range: 1.0 – 7.5V Operation
mode: POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI), TCR, BYPASS
Temperature range: 200 ℉ – 600 ℉ / 100 ℃ – 315 ℃
Supported resistance: 0.1 – 3.0Ω
Protection: against low / high resistance, overheating, short circuit, reverse polarity, overcharge / overdischarge
Connector type: steel 510, pin spring-loaded
Screen / diagonal: yes
Micro-USB port / charging: yes , charging current 1.5A
Color: black, gan metal, rainbow

Niagara Squonk RDA
Housing material:stainless steel Atomiser
type: maintenance-free
Evaporators: 0.3Ω
Capacity: unknown
Diameter: 25mm
Height: 35.5mm with drip type
Connector: 510, pin gold-plated
Weight: unknown
Color: black, gan metal, rainbow

Package (approximate)
– Niagara Squonk mod
– Niagara Squonk RDA
– USB cable
– user manual
– warranty card

It looks impressive. Why I say this way, but at least because the design of the device in combination with the form factor is rather unordinary. All are accustomed in this segment to contemplate the devices of a fish-like form, and here you are, all in a row – a bottle / battery / battery.
Nikola Niagara Squonk 200W TC Kit is an interesting start ...
Naturally, we had to sacrifice a little acceptable, and it is better to say the usual, dimensions. Naturally, this happened with respect to the width of the box, the other parameters from this, on the contrary, won. Although, judging from the photos, thanks to the competent distribution of functional elements on the body, ergonomics turned out to be quite tolerable.
Nikola Niagara Squonk 200W TC Kit is an interesting start ...
In my memory, in this manner, only the skonoker from 528custom Driptech-DS was executedand that is unregulated. However, our hero clearly reminds me of something, but I, as always, can not remember (also the squonker, only on one battery).

Landing even large in diameter atoms should be successful – the width allows. The control panel is located on the side, which is a very good solution, as for me. The button on the upper end of the fire, and even on a sloping platform – it will be just as convenient to use.

Well, now about the painful. There is no photo evidence, but I think that a silicone bottle of unknown capacity is extracted from the front, after removing the panel that fixes it. Batteries are hidden behind a detachable lid with a special latch on the bottom of the device. The fact that these two processes are divided is already good.
Nikola Niagara Squonk 200W TC Kit is an interesting start ...
Performance is good, but what kind of chip is installed here as a “brain” is unknown, “but terribly interesting.” We are waiting for reviews.
Nikola Niagara Squonk 200W TC Kit is an interesting start ...

Now It’s Available Here:Nikola Niagara Squonk Kit

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Limitless LMC Box Mod Review

The Limitless Mod Company is mostly known for customizable mechanical mods and the high-quality Limitless RDTA collection, but this year they’ve taken their first step into the regulated vaping mod sector with the 200W Limitless LMC Box Mod. This is a device developed in-house by Limitless, with a board that I personally have never seen before, and a very intriguing customization system that involves magnetic plates. In this review, we’re going to take a close look at the LMC Box Mod and see if it has what it takes to compete with the plethora of innovative devices coming out of China these days.


If you’ve never actually used any Limitless products before, but the name sounds oddly familiar, you may have heard about its collaboration with Chinese company iJoy on the original Limitless RDTA and the iJoy/Limitless Lux 215W mod. They had a falling out a while ago, and I don’t know if they’re back on friendly terms now, but one thing is for sure – the LMC premium box mod is designed and developed exclusively by Limitless.

A Look at the Contents

The Limitless LMC comes in a plastic case with very little information on it. There’s basically only a safety disclaimer on the back and the Limitless Mod Company name and logo on the sides. You’re not going to find any contents list or product description, as you usually see on Chinese device packaging. The inside is just as frugal – you get the mod and a thin instructions leaflet.

I was expecting Limitless to at least include a USB upgrade cable, but after checking out the device and seeing that it doesn’t actually feature an upgrade cable, I realized that would have been useless. So the LMC 200W box mod is not upgradable, what you get in the box is what you’re stuck with. That’s pretty strange, to be honest, especially in a time when firmware upgrades have become the norm for the vast majority of manufacturers, with some even coming up with new systems, like over-the-air upgrades (see the SMOK Quantum mod).


This wasn’t the greatest first impression, but I wasn’t going to let that curb my enthusiasm, especially after seeing how good this mod looks and feels in the hand.

Design and Build Quality

Measuring 92 x 63.5 x 23.8mm, the Limitless LMC Box Mod is not the smallest dual-18650 device on the market, so if you have small hands or simply hate bulky mods, you’d probably be more interested in something like the SMOK Alien 220W. However, if you’re looking for something that’s built like a brick and has some serious weight to it, the Limitless LMC is about as good as they come.

The rectangular chassis stands out thanks to two “sliced off” corners, removable decorative plates – one of which also acts as a battery door, and the mirror finish of the display. All in all, it’s a very good looking mod, one of the best looking I’ve ever used, that’s for sure. There’s also a lot of branding on it – both magnetic plates feature the LMC logo, the Limitless Mod Company name also appears on one of the sides of the device, and there’s also another logo on one of the sliced corners. That’s a lot, but for some reason, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I don’t know if it’s because I actually like the logo design, or because I like being constantly reminded that I’m using a Limitless device, but I really have no problem with it.


The interchangeable magnetic plates on both sides of the mod are one of the main features of the Limitless LMC. The company has a reputation for valuing customization, and their first regulated vaping device fits in line with the rest of their products. The mod comes with a couple of red and black magnetic plates that go really well with the matte black finish of the device, but if you want to completely change the look of the device, you can purchase various other colors and designs for about $25 a set. That’s pretty expensive, but these are high-quality accessories.

Instead of the cheap stickers other companies offer, Limiless has opted for sturdy metallic plates that attach to the mod with strong magnets. Once they’re in place, they’re virtually locked on, so you don’t have to worry about them wobbling or coming off accidentally. It’s a really well-thought out customization system which should serve as an example to other manufacturers.

The plates come with a protective plastic film, and I would think twice before removing it. These things are gorgeous to look at, but the glossy finish is extremely prone to scratching. I dropped mine on the table by mistake and I immediately noticed some serious scratches in the lacquer. They are only visible from certain angles, but if you want to keep them in pristine condition, I suggest keeping the plastic film on for as long as possible.


The mirror display of the Limitless LMC Box Mod is another interesting feature. Most people seem to hate it, mainly because it’s a fingerprint magnet – that’s true – and because it’s difficult to see in direct sunlight. That last part doesn’t really apply to the LMC mod thanks to the bright blue color of the display, which is visible in any lighting conditions. I for one love it, I think it goes very well with the design of the device, so I definitely wouldn’t call it a con.

The three buttons – a large fire button and two smaller adjustment buttons ‘+’ and ‘-‘ – are all metallic, so I expected a bit of rattle, but you can’t hear a thing, even when shaking the device vigorously. That’s a big pro in my book, and a testament to the build quality of the Limitless LMC mod.

Finally, the 510 connection has a spring-loaded stainless steel pin and accommodates 25mm atomizers without the slightest overhang. Everything I’ve tried with it so far sits perfectly flush on the mod, so if you’re worried about any gaps, don’t be.


The only thing I can complain about is the lack of battery venting holes. I don’t know why Limitless decided not to implement them, maybe they thought they would ruin the design, but if worse comes to worse, those tiny holes make a big difference. Luckily, the LMC mod has all the necessary built-in protections to prevent overheating, short circuits, and low battery output.

I have no preconceived ideas regarding Chinese mods. In fact, I love most of my SMOK, iJoy or Joyetech devices, but there’s just something special about the Limitless LMC Box Mod. It feels great in the hand, the build quality is flawless, there’s no rattle whatsoever and the design is definitely to my liking. Whatever subjective cons anyone may have are definitely outweighed by the pros.

Display and Menu System 

I’ve used many different devices over the last five years, but never anything like the LMC mod. I have no idea what type of board Limitless used on this, if it’s something developed by them, or simply a less known solution, but it definitely takes some getting used to.


Turning on the device is a simple affair – just press the large fire button five times in rapid succession. That sounds familiar, right? But that’s where the similarities with other boards end. From here one in, things get weird and frustrating.

Let’s start with the display. On the left side we have the wattage/temperature, and on the right we have the current memory settings (M1, M2 and M3), the pre-heat settings – PO (Powerful), SO (Soft) and ST (Standard) – the resistance of the atomizer and the real-time voltage. Under neath all this information we have a long horizontal bar, which is the battery indicator. I honestly have no problems with the layout of the display, it’s a bit different, but all the important information is always available on the home screen.

Navigating between settings and making changes are a whole other story though. Let’s start with the most annoying thing – changing the wattage/temperature. This is usually as simple as pressing the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons until you reach the desired power output. But not on the LMC mod, here pressing the ‘+’ button lets you scroll through memory modes, and pressing the ‘-‘ button, lets you change the pre-heat setting. To be able to change the wattage/temperature, you have to press the ‘+’ button once until the ‘M’ symbol starts to flash, at which point you have to press the ‘-‘ button to make the wattage/temperature flash. Only then can you use both the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to change the power output. To input the changes, just press the fire button.


There’s another way to do it though, but it’s not simpler. You press the fire button five times to access the settings menu, and then press it again to scroll through the options until you reach the wattage/temperature. Then you make changes using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons and press the fire button again to move to move to the next menu option until you reach ‘Exit Menu’, and confirm with either the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons.

This is just one example of how frustrating the menu navigation can be. Why not just make it simple, and allow me to change the wattage/temperature by simply pressing the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys directly on the home screen, without having to use button combinations or accessing the options menu? It really makes no sense. You get used to it after a while, but it can be really frustrating at first.

The options menu is not very complicated – you only have Power Mode, Auto Adjust Power, Screen Rotation, Power Adjustment, Power Off and Exit Menu to choose from – but having to use a weird system of navigating and confirming changes makes it a big pain in the behind. It’s just complicated and unnecessary.


Luckily, locking the device and locking the resistance are done the old fashion way – rapidly pressing the fire button three times, and holding down the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons, respectively.

Battery Life and Overall Performance

I don’t particularly like to estimate the battery life of variable wattage/voltage devices, especially the ones that use removable batteries, because there way too many variables to keep in mind. Everyone uses different atomizers, different power settings and different capacity batteries. But I did want to mention that the Limitless LMC Box Mod seems to use batteries slightly more efficiently than other mods I’ve tested in the past.

I’ve been using it with both LG HG2 3000mAh batteries and VaporFi 2500mAh batteries, and I’ve gotten some impressive vaping time, especially with the former. Vaping at 60W, in Powerful Mode, I get about 10 hours of use out of the LMC mod with the LG batteries. That’s about 2 hours more than what I get from my iJoy RDTA Box or the SMOK G-Priv, for example. Obviously, I can’t perfectly recreate the vaping experience across all these devices, so the difference might not be a full two hours, but its’ definitely significant enough to notice. My bet is that the Limitless device drains the batteries more than the other mods before cutting off power due to low voltage.


Even more impressive is the fact that the Limitless mod hits a lot harder in Powerful Mode than the other two devices in Hard Mode. I don’t have the proper tools and software to run the numbers, but I am certain that the power output of the LMC mod is higher. And that doesn’t seem to be taking a toll on battery life.

In terms of actual performance, I was very impressed with the Limitless LMC mod, especially in wattage/power mode. I am well aware of the benefits of temperature control, and even though I use it from time to time, I remain a big fan of good ol’ direct power output.

First of all, the LMC mod has virtually no firing the delay. You just press the button and you instantly hear the juice sizzling on the coils. Sure, you can say  the same thing about most advanced mods these days, but what really sets this device apart from pretty much everything else I’ve ever used is the power ramp-up time. Even when using the Standard pre-heat setting, you can start drawing as soon as you press the fire button, and you still get a mouthful of warm vapor. Most other mods require a second-or two to get the coils nice and hot, but not this thing. It’s really a joy to use for a power mode fan like me.


I can’t really say too much about temperature control mode on the LMC mod. I’ve tried it with a stainless steel build and it seems to do a good job controlling the temperature, but the vape is considerably hotter than with other mods on the same temperature setting. Again, I think it’s that power ramp-up time that makes the difference. If you want more information on temperature control, I suggest checking out the review of someone more knowledgeable in this department, like Phil Busardo or Daniel Djlsb Vapes.

Interestingly the wattage adjustment in temperature control only goes as high as 50W, but even so, the device seems to use the power very efficiently to deliver a warm vape when it needs to.


The Limitless LMC Box Mod came out more than six months ago, which, in this fast-moving industry, makes it a somewhat older device. But in this case, older doesn’t mean worse, or outdated. On the contrary, it’s still one of the best vaping devices money can buy, and definitely one of the best I have ever tried.


I love the design and build quality of this device, its weighty feel in the hand, and most importantly, the way it vapes. The power it is able to deliver in wattage mode is nothing short of impressive, and I am inclined to say it’s the best device I’ve ever used, in that regard.

But there’s no such thing as a perfect mod, and the LMC box mod definitely has its flaws. There’s no upgrade port, so there’s not way to update the firmware, and the menu navigation system is a pain to deal with. The lack of battery venting holes is also a significant con in my book.

Overall, though, I think the Limitless LMC Box Mod is a great device. It’s currently listed at around $70, but it seems to be sold out everywhere. If you can find one, I suggest you pull the trigger immediately before someone else snatches it from under your nose. You won’t regret it!


Now It’s Available Here:Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod New Color

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Vaporesso Revenger Kit

In this review I will tell about the Revapor kit from Vaporesso. If you do not want to read, then at the end of the review I will add a video version. The maximum power of this mod is 220 watts. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

The kit is delivered in this miniature box, inside of which there is one more box, inside of which all the equipment is raspihana for two more boxes. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit
Vaporesso Revenger Kit

In the first box lies: 

1. USB cable for charging and reflashing the mod. 
2. Envelope with a guarantee card and a couple of pieces of paper. 
3. Two instructions in different languages, including Russian. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

In the second box lies: 

1. A spare evaporator for two spirals. Designed for power from 30 to 70 watts (resistance 0.15 ohms). Also on the evaporator the recommended power range is indicated: 45-60W.
2. Spare glass, spare sets and a 510 drift adapter. 
3. The tank with the installed 4x spiral evaporator (resistance 0.15 Ohm). The evaporator is designed for power 50-110W, the recommended power is 60-80W. 
4. Boxing fashion 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

My story I’ll start with boxing fashion. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

The button is plastic, large enough and is on the right side. You can click on the entire surface of the button, but to the bottom of the force of pressing increases. The center and the top are pressed with a little effort with a nice click. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

In the upper part there is a connector. Screw here can be an atomizer with a diameter of up to 28 mm. 

In the lower part of the mode there are holes for the discharge of battery gases.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

The surface is glossy, looks good, but the fingerprints remain on it only so. On the front side there is a display. Below the display are three buttons: +, – and the menu. The fire button when using the menu is not used either. If you hold the fire button and the menu button at the same time, you can see the firmware version. Firmware can be updated by downloading it from the official website. Buttons plus and minus are not signed. Plus button – right, minus – left. Under the buttons is a USB port for charging and preproshivki mod. 

Mod has a system of equalizing charge. When charging, the charge level and the remaining charge time for each battery are shown.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

Consider the battery compartment. The mod is powered by two 18650 batteries. The fast charge mode is supported by a 2.5 A. The battery compartment cover is removed with a protrusion located at the base of the mod. The lid is fixed on six magnets, the fixation is quite dense, the lid does not hang. Three magnets are located in the lid and three in the casing. Batteries are tightly pressed into the compartments by brass spring-loaded mines. The tab for easy removal of batteries is missing, but the batteries are slightly bulging out of the compartment, so there is no problem in removing them. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

The mode is switched on five times by pressing the fire button. The activation takes about three seconds.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

The upper line of the display shows the battery level and mode of operation. The line below preheats, the resistance of the evaporator and the voltage applied to it. The next line shows the power. The tightening time is shown below, if the tightening time exceeds 10 seconds, the mode removes the voltage from the evaporator. In standby mode, you can display time on the screen. If there is no atomizer, CHECK ATOMIZER appears on the screen. 

The following protections are also present: 
1. USB port 
protection 2. Low voltage 
protection 3. Short circuit 
protection 4. Low resistance of atomizer 
protection 5. Temperature protection 
6. Overcurrent protection 
7. Protection against incorrect battery installation

The mod can operate with evaporators having a resistance of 0.05 to 5 ohms. The voltage applied to the evaporator can be from 0 to 9V. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

Navigation in the menu is quite inconvenient. To switch modes, you need to hold down the menu button. Scrolling modes. The first is the varivatta mode. Next, the temperature control mode for stainless steel, nickel, titanium and two custom profiles. Then there is the bypass mode, which turns the device into a kind of mehmode. Next are the settings. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

In addition, in the varivatta mode, pressing the “menu” button three times, you can adjust the heating curve. For the thermal monitoring mode, by doing the same, you can set either a heating curve or set your own TCR.
In the menu, by the way, you can not flip back, if you skipped the necessary point, you will have to scroll through the entire menu. To enter the desired menu item, you need to press the fire button three times. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

In the settings, you can set the desired preheating, for VW mode. The default value is NORM. Next, you can set preheating for the thermal control mode. In the third menu item, you can set the time and date. Next, you can reset the settings to the default settings. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

The fifth point is smart mode, which will automatically set the required power value. You can turn it off immediately and forget about it. In the sixth paragraph, you can set the time to turn off the screen. And the next item is the exit from the menu. Once again I will say that it is very inconvenient to use the menu.

Let’s look inside. The device is assembled on the OMNIBOARD 2.0 board. The device is very easy to disassemble, but if you need to remove the card completely, then you need to solder the wires going to the battery compartment and the connector. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

And in the hand of the mod is very comfortable. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

About the mod like everything, go to the tank. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

The tank has a top dressing with a sliding lid. As I said, there is a 4-coil evaporator, designed for a power of 50-110 watts. Blowing down the bottom, for this on the sides are two holes. The ring of adjustment of a blowing turns smoothly and inside has the stopper, not allowing to turn around a tank. At the bottom is a standard 510 connector.

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

The dripper is fixed in the tank very tightly, this is facilitated by 2 orings. Also, the dripper is protected against splashing. The diameter of the tank is 26.5 mm. The capacity of the tank is 5ml. If capacity is required less, that is a version of the kit, in which the tank is used for 2ml. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

Vaporesso Revenger Kit


Vaporesso Revenger Kit

Dimensions and weight of the mod: The 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

weight of the kit along with the batteries is 285.3 grams. 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

Unfortunately, there are no serviced evaporators for this tank. But there are several different options for non-services: 

Vaporesso Revenger Kit

Advantages of the kit: 

1. Appearance. 
2. The presence of two different evaporators. 
3. Protection from splashes in the dripper. 
4. Good transfer of taste. 
5. Balancing the batteries and indicating the time to complete the charge.
6. Accelerated charge with a current of 2.5A. 


1. Working with the menu. Virtually all control one button. Very uncomfortable. 
2. Glossy surface of the case. 

Now You Can Get It On : Vaporesso Revenger Kit

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Voopoo VMATE 200W – Farewell Bricks …

Today we have a company called Voopoo with its novelty. They produced a pretty cute, but at the same time compact thing, as for me, reminiscent of Aspire products. Let’s get acquainted with 

Voopoo VMATE 200W 
Voopoo VMATE 200W - farewell bricks ...
Dimensions: 89 x 47 x 30mm 
Weight: 100g 
Body material: Zinc alloy 
Power: 2 x 18650 
Chipset: 32-digit Gene Chip 
Output power: 5 – 200W 
Voltage range: 0.0 – 7.5V 
Operating mode: POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI) 
Temperature range: 200 ℉ – 600 ℉ / 100 ℃ – 315 ℃ 
Supported resistance: 0.05 – 3.0Ω / TC 0.05 – 1.0Ω 
Protection:from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from wrong polarity, from recharge / overdischarge 
Connector type: steel 510, pin gold-plated, spring-loaded 
Screen / diagonal: yes 
Micro-USB port / charging: yes 
Update / flash: yes 
Color : see the photo below. 
Voopoo VMATE 200W - farewell bricks ...
contents – VMATE 200W mod 
– USB cable 
– user manual 
– warranty card 
Voopoo VMATE 200W - farewell bricks ...
Looks like our hero is pretty cute, a kind of soap dish that does not fit into the usual ideas about Voopoo products.
Voopoo VMATE 200W - farewell bricks ...
The novelty was very round and ergonomic. An important role in this played compact dimensions, which promise a decent comfort of use. Plus, the weight of the device is very small. 
Voopoo VMATE 200W - farewell bricks ...
The color scale from the start is quite extensive. True, the main body color is always dark, but the side panels for every taste and color. 
Voopoo VMATE 200W - farewell bricks ...
The landing pad is steel, although it is located on a small aerial, therefore, smaller atomizers than it itself will have a very specific landing. The location of the connector is central, so I do not think it’s worth worrying about landing to the extent of large atoms. 
Voopoo VMATE 200W - farewell bricks ...
On the front side is a small display with an already familiar interface, again reminiscent of Aegis. Under it is the connector for charging the battery and the firmware boxing mod.
Voopoo VMATE 200W - farewell bricks ...
Control buttons are concentrated on one of the upper corners, they are separate. The fire button has settled on the opposite corner of the device. I do not presume to judge whether this functionality will appeal to users, but it is conditioned by design features. 
Voopoo VMATE 200W - farewell bricks ...
The compartment for the batteries is separate, they are hidden under colored removable panels. To change them, you have to open each one separately. Maybe the developers provided for the possibility of working only on one battery, but I did not find such information. 
Voopoo VMATE 200W - farewell bricks ...
Performance promises to be excellent, because inside it works well-proven operating chipset. 
Voopoo VMATE 200W - farewell bricks ...
With the price so far, everything is strange – I met a price tag of $ 40 and $ 60, and one trade floor threatens even the 30th. I suppose, it is worth to rely on the arithmetic mean.
Voopoo VMATE 200W - farewell bricks ...

Now It’s Still Under Pre-order Stage,$69 Is The Very Reasonable And Competative Price,Do You Like It:https://www.ave40.com/voopoo-vmate-200w-tc-box-mod.html

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Hellvape Drop Dead RDA – cloning of rabbits continues ???

The company Hellvape quite a while did not loom on the horizon of new products. And now they are generous to such. By the way, this item looks almost identical to previous instances. You then reasonably perplex, but what’s the point? I do not know, let’s deal with it. 

Meet – Hellvape Drop Dead RDA . 
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...
Case material: stainless steel 
Atomizer type: RDA 
Capacity: medium 
Diameter: 24mm 
Height: unknown 
Connector: 510, pin gold-plated 
Weight: unknown 
Color: see photo below 
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...
Package Contents 
– Drop Dead RDA 
– an optional 810th drip type
– adapter for 510th drip types 
– squonk pin 
– screwdriver 2pcs 
– hex wrench 
– spare orings 
– spare screws 
– sticker 
– user’s guide 
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...
Developers of Hellvape have designed a novelty in the collaboration with already very famous guys from tvc creations . Participation in the development of the latter could not but affect the result, but I’ll remind you about this a little later.
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...
Admittedly, the appearance in comparison with its predecessors has changed little in what details. We are met by the already familiar profile of the right cylinder with a narrowing upper part. That’s right, if it were not for the logo on the side skirt, I would not even notice the difference. And engraving is also very similar to the previous one. In short, either the producer decided to play on the success of his previous creation, or simply did not bother. However, the differences, of course, could not be avoided. 
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...
There will be eight versions at once – well, it’s, as we know, in rabbits “in the blood.” Apparently, one of the proposed options, as it has been done since early versions, will be with an aluminum alloy dome part.
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...
Drip type 810th, made of acrylic, in the lower part there is a metal frame, a la district f5ve. It shows the name of the manufacturer. Also in the box there is a derrin copy and an adapter for the 510’s “colleagues”. 
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...
Seated drip type in the top cap. Internal processing of the latter is spherical. In the lower part there are oblong cutouts, thus turning the top cap relative to the skirt, the blowing adjustment will be carried out. 
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...
The side skirt has changed. Now it is equipped with fourteen small holes, arranged in two rows on each side. Do you recognize the “hand” of tvc creations? And apparently, she sits on the base motionless – on the base there are keys.
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...
Therefore, in this case, the blow holes, overlapping either to the left or to the right, will not be located in the center of the spiral, which is not good. Although I can make mistakes about this – there is no photo of the inner surface of the skirt. 
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...
The deck looks comfortable, it also underwent insignificant changes. We see all the same four g-shaped racks (plus gilded) with the correct fixation of the spirals and a comfortable process of biting off the tips. Partners from tvc creations just love this construct. The drip is calculated, it turns out, only on two spirals. 
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...
The bathtub is not so deep, but it can be filled above the edges. In addition, squonk pin in the box is available. 
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...
Pin is gilded and stands out enough. 
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...
Price $ 34 – I think this price tag is inadequate, because there was not yet a release. Therefore I expect much less.
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...
Hellvape Drop Dead RDA - cloning of rabbits continues ??? ...

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Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA is a rabbit that lost one pair of ears …

Finally, I waited for a really interesting specimen. Everyone should know such a famous device as Dead Rabbit RDA, which has won a lot of fans around the world. Most recently, an updated version was announced, inspired by the “spirit of the times”.

It’s called drip almost as well – Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA.

Case Material: Stainless Steel
Atom Type: RDA
Capacity: unknown (small)
Diameter: 22mm
Dimensions: 37mm with drape
Connector: 510, pin gold-plated
Weight: 35g
Color: black, steel (later probably more colors will be added)

– Dead Rabbit SQ RDA
– an additional 810th derrin drip type
– an additional 510th derrine drip type
– adapter for the 510th drip types
– Hex key 2pcs (different sizes)
– spare normal pin (squonk pin preinstalled)
– screwdriver for slot
– spare lenses
– spare screws
– user guide

Well, what the design has not undergone any changes. We see all the same engraving with the rabbit’s face and crossed fur modes. The appearance is absolutely identical to the ancestral one. That’s only in diameter the rabbit returned to 22mm again. And this is very good and most profitable for the construct, about which a little later.

Drip types are in abundance here. Preset “image” resyne drip type, just put the same 810th derrine, and, drum roll, 510th under a tight tight – yes, that’s it.

The top cap retained the relief of the file. The internal processing of the dome, I’m sure, is tasty. On the sidewall of the top cap we find all the same oval twin side airflow slots with guides for supplying airflow to the coil at an angle of 45 degrees.

Plus we find two more pairs of point (small) holes, which will be responsible for the tight “MTL” tightening. They will supply air at the same angle. I personally did not try drips, imprisoned for this kind of soaring, but I’m somewhat skeptical about such a decision. I’m worried about the question – is it possible to call such a solution on drtke MTL …

The side skirt duplicates the holes in the top cap, due to the rotation of these two elements around each other and the blowing adjustment takes place.

The deck has lost two, similar to the rabbit’s ears, and there are only two of them – you understood correctly – now this drip is just under one spiral. The plus pillar is gilded. In general, the construct has changed little. The installation of the spirals is still comfortable (the screws do not deform the legs), the bath is shallow and now the main emphasis is on squonk use.

Pin is gilded and works well out of the connector, and the drip comes with a squonk set up with a pin, the usual quietly lies in a box, in a bag of dopas.

The price is $ 27 – for a novelty, and even with such a bundle, an excellent price. In addition, I have reason to believe that an adequate price will be another $ 2 – $ 4 lower. The only thing that is a bit embarrassing is that the spiral will be far enough from both blowing holes … How will this affect the taste … It remains to wait for field tests, but knowing the reputation of the manufacturer, you want to order now.

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Joyetech eVic-VT Equipment Critique

Joyetech eVic-VT Intro

Nowadays, we’ll take a look at Joyetech’s most current unit – the evic-VT temperature control common box mod.The Evic-VT is Joyetech’s initial head to temporary regulate.Joyetech is within primary brand to remain competitive, with the well-known iPV4, with similar charges, and features.

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JoyetecheVic-VT Technical specs and has

Equipment Content material

eVic-VT licensed mod 60w 5000 mAh

eVic-VT aquarium

VT-Ti atomizer (titanium) .4ohms

VT-National insurance atomizer (dime) .2ohms

Mini Universal serial bus cable tv

Universal series bus charger 1 firm

Silicone sleeved


200 to 600 f in 10 stage increments

100 to 315 celsius in 5 degree increments

1 to 60 H in .1 batches

Flames .05 to at least one. ohm challenge rings

Designed-in 5000mAh Battery pack

100 % OLED Monitor

1c Target Universal series bus Getting Slot for move through receiving

Lightweight Layout

Set 510 interconnection

Stealth Display (disarm screen when flames control key is pushed)

Drag Count number

Smoke time

Height: 85.5mm

Length: 48mm

Fullness: 25.6mm

Distinctive Remarks

We’ve seen Joyetech energy littering keep racks, just very little electric batteries without any box, and a solitary option, a lot of will have a version of a voltage alternative.This is simply not the way it is while using eVic-VT.Evidently this may internal power, this is where similarities end.The eVic-VT is usually a complete fledge diverse electricity consuming gadget, while using the best aspect in vaping, outstanding Temp Regulate.Launching the box I came across a pleasant advanced searching system having a double sporting line managing straight down both sides, using a good firefox top and fireplace press button.But appears to be like is usually misleading, how manages to do it stock up to my iPV4? Remarkably in actual fact! This device is quite a person for it really is expense and dimension.It will take care of coil nailers builds as a result of .05 ohms, can produce 8 v which enables it to function temperatures of 600 f, and with a 5000 mAh battery power it’s got the power, and keep you going among expenses.

Evic-VTvs IPV4

Allows take a glance, at a few of the differences.The eVic-VT is sold with everything you need, to start making the most of technical staffing , governed sub-ohm esmoking, outside the pack, just add your beloved fruit juice.The iPV4 will be needing acquiring 2 electric batteries, a re-loader, and reservoir.The expense of the eVic-VT is available in about Bucks5-Bucks10 much more, if we search for the greatest rates.However, if we contemplate the price tag on around Buck50+ for that additional items needed.The little expense distinction these 2 units gets a awesome cost savings in support of the Joyetech eVic-VT.The iPV4 also normally takes for a longer time to change off of, and will take a short time right after turning on, before you can start esmoking.


Joyetech eVic-VT Top

Like the majority of Joytech equipment, we’ve got some wonderful color solutions.No matter whether it really is the Trendy Black color by using a purple rushing whipping (displayed below), the Stunning White, with that it is heavens violet racing lines, or even the Auto racing Orange with black color beating.The eVic-VT definitely takes on, to appreciation for sporting activities vehicles.Then you have the firefox, as it is it provides a looking glass like complete which simply represents very well with the colorations.


The dimensions may be too small, for anyone with substantial hands, but throughout us, it nicely suits in the palm.That it is secure to support, with that it is beautifully completed corners, and has now a great bodyweight is bigger, and battery capacity.The fire control key is a nice measurement, although smaller compared to some, there are not even attempt to impede, or that could induce greater arms hassle.The musician is perfectly, located above, and out of the way, on the fire switch.It is easily functional together with the suggestion ring finger, or browse, compared to other units, that may have you ever balancing your system, in to a better position.

Howdoes it Vape

Joyetech eVic-VT and Reservoir

Dime Coils .2 ohm: At 450, it supplies a great trendy hit, at 600 it’s actually a pleasant cozy hit.

TitaniumCoil .4 ohm: Offers a slightly hotter vape at 600 qualifications, and heat’s up highly swift.

KanthalCoil .55 ohm: At 30 h it gives you exactly like any sub-contract-ohm system.

Quality: The taste is quite subdued, but a maximum of other holding tanks with this fashion.

Iquite experienced, driving a car absolutely free vaping example of the eVic-VT.Compared with the iPV4 that will need anyone to remember to collection amount of resistance when altering coils, the eVic-VT reminds you by requesting, new coil or very same coil nailers.Establishing heat or another establishing is really a take, just tap into the energy button 3 times, and discover all the alternatives you could switch simultaneously, rather than betting which setting is up coming.(it isn’t going to exhibit various ways for each placing, but there are only 3 for the most part)

Whilst 100 h can be ideal, for everyone, it might also create a a lesser amount of helpful solution.The 60 w restriction retains points from becoming a fire hazard, inside them for hours to fidget while using controls, in order to avoid burnt off at the-the liquid.

Who will be this for

The eVic-VT is aimed at persons considering getting installed and operating with bass speaker-ohm and temporary regulate, but do not want to make no little amount.Simply because on the integrated power, that it is one thing which get reprocessed in the event the battery pack is expended.

Evic-VTvs IPV4

Let us take a quick look, at a few of the dissimilarities.The eVic-VT is sold with programs, to start out enjoying temp handled bass speaker-ohm esmoking, outside the container, just incorperate your popular veggie juice.The iPV4 would require purchase of 2 power packs, a replenisher, and fish tank.The cost of the eVic-VT will come in all over Dollar5-Bucks10 more, if you search for the best price ranges.However, if we contemplate the buying price of all-around Buck50+ to the additional items required.The little value contrast between these 2 products receives a good financial savings favoring the Joyetech eVic-VT.The iPV4 also normally takes lengthier to change away, and usually takes a couple of seconds immediately after switching on, which causes the area start off vaping.


Joyetech eVic-VT Entry

Like the majority of Joytech units, we have some great coloring alternatives.No matter whether it is the Great Black that has a red-colored race whipping (showcased here), the Sizzling Whitened, with it really is heavens orange race beating, or Auto racing Green with african american stripes.The eVic-VT undoubtedly works, to our passion for sporting activities vehicles.Then there can be the firefox, as is also it comes with a mirror like finish off that just plays so well using the hues.


The scale may very well be too small, for an individual with large hands, but all through us, it nicely satisfies in the users hand.It is secure to maintain, with it really is effectively circular tips, and contains a good excess fat is bigger, and battery power volume.The flames switch is a nice dimension, and even while smaller compared to some, there can be absolutely nothing to impede, or which could bring about more substantial hands and fingers trouble.The musician is effectively, placed over, and taken care of, of the flames key.That it is simply usable with the pointer handy, or browse, unlike some gadgets, that may have you ever juggling your product, right into a better position.

Howdoes it Vape

Joyetech eVic-VT and Reservoir

Pennie Coils .2 ohm: At 450, it offers a good cool attack, at 600 this is a pleasant cozy click.

TitaniumCoil .4 ohm: Provides marginally drier vape at 600 college diplomas, and heat’s up highly rapid.

KanthalCoil .55 ohm: At 30 t it provides much like another subwoofer-ohm gadget.

Taste: The flavor is quite modest, but at most other septic tanks with this design.

Iquite relished, worries totally free esmoking connection with the eVic-VT.Unlike the iPV4 that requires you to definitely be sure you set weight when adjusting curls, the eVic-VT informs you by wanting to know, new coil nailers or exact coils.Placing temps or another setting is usually a breeze, just faucet the ability option 3 x, and see all the solutions you are able to adjust all at once, rather than questioning which location is upcoming.(it will not exhibit the various choices for each setting up, but there are only 3 at most of the)

Even though 100 n might be perfect, for up to every person, it would also create a a smaller amount friendly and warm item.The 60 w limit continues factors from becoming a fire hazard, and having to fidget with all the options, to stop used up electronic-water.

That is this for

The eVic-VT targets men and women wanting to get operating and installed with below-ohm and temp manage, but should not make no small investment.Mainly because from the inbuilt battery, it really is a thing that will get reprocessed after the battery power is lifeless.


JoyetecheVic-VT Button

Small in size pattern, very easily fits in promising small to moderate measurements arms

Vibrant set up OLED screen, understandale for a warm evening given that you’re not buying a powerful depiction.

Stealthvaping option, becomes off of present when firing

One particular kids finger modification and shooting, I effectively positioned rocker will allow straightforward adjustment with forefinger or browse.

5000mAh power, with fantastic capacity, we have virtually 2000 secs of of esmoking at 500-600 diplomas at 60 w.To the ordinary vaping at 3 puffs, for 3 mere seconds, just about every 20 min’s, we have about 74 time of vaping, or 4.5 days.


Small air circulation outdoor patio, this is incredibly tiny, at one half the peak on the Kanger subtank minuscule and still permitting as much or higher airflow.

Airflow,at a great firm bring, to quite breezy, there’s a establishing for anyone.

Thetemp control is extremely easy to use

That it is a properly manufactured, economical device that’s very nice functions.You should not search for compatible elements and rates.Handles are really easy to use, and comfortable to implement.It has to absolutely flip some leads.Turn invisible screen, If only all systems obtained this method, whether or not you’re looking at a movie inside of a dark room, lying in bed, or operating straight down a dimly lit streets, chances are you do not want to be distracted by way of bright OLED.The establishing fastener choice is also pleasant, as it stops us from modifying the heat level by mistake.Although I detest to pay this beauty, the rubber sleeved is an excellent accessory ensure the eVic-VT continues seeking new given that doable.


Leftright rocker makes it more difficult gain access to Hearth + RemainingFor eachSuitable solutions.This can be a small issue as that it is used by switching on turn invisible function and jewelry armoire the musician so you really do not inadvertently modify temperatureAndwatt settings.

1amp charger, asking for moments will likely be extended.

Fixedbattery, without having the solution to merely replace battery packs, if the energy degrade, it’s time for any new unit.

Thewattage is a little minimal for that .2ohm coil

Neo-flexible 510 green

Hint is at low costs produced

I’m not hot for fixed power supply units, although I decide to replace them, we can require a machine being a data backup immediately after injury, great loss, or fraud.Since I much like the modification, and situation, it lets you do allow it to be more complicated to shut the configurations or permit stealth.A minimum of within the a single I been given am small to eradicate so it quite literally arrived aside, a plastic material tv which has a material sleeved.


WhileI’ll be keeping my iPV4 for temperature control esmoking, it really is only because I desire replaceable power packs, plus the greater power level in the iPV4.The eVic-VT sounds the iPV4, in ease of use, and easy manage.Regarded as exceptional device for any individual planning to consider temperature command, even if they are a novice to esmoking.As it helps to acquire good experience, Joyetech has done a fantastic career, of creating the eVic-VT pretty simple.When you are a knowledgeable vaper, and are searching for your future improvement, it will often be a pass, except if you’re looking for a lower priced copy gadget.With an integrated electric battery the device is in fact confined to the life cycle of battery.And if like personally, you advertise your old units to aid truck upcoming, non-changeable battery power make that more challenging to trade applied.To quantity all this up, a fantastic device for those who consider temperature handle devoid of concerns, no inconvenience.A bit underpowered and constrained lifestyle for people looking to update coming from a variable electrical power or technical machine.

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Joyetech eVic Primo with Unimax 25 review

Joyetech eVic Primo with Unimax 25 IntroI really don’t know about you however, when I no matter what product on the Joyetech eVic brand it is right away identifiable, as well as the eVic trademark design persists while using the new eVic Primo mod with some included flair.

The eVic Primo is a feature-abundant 200W VWPerTC mod with TCR, quick fee (with suggested 12v charger), preheat, easy to customize images, and a authentic-timepiece, all operated by two 18650 battery power (Joyetech advocates a baseline CDR of 25A for basic safety). It features an “innovative profit-improve technology” that seems to offer a more shapely outcome over a bigger collection of level of resistance, and doubles in a pinch as a electricity lender to ask for a further device, just like a reduced cellphone battery.

The included Unimax 25 is a major-load, prime circulation (TFTA) reservoir with ease of use like a goal. The Unimax 25 retains 5ml of the liquid and uses the newest BFXL (involved) and optionally available BFL coil heads and will also agree to the exact same BF series minds employed by the Cubis and Cubis Expert with an equipment card.

To hold things classy and do away with leaks and surging, there isn’t a RBA choice for the Unimax 25, as well as Cubis RBA is just not works. Beyond the provided Unimax hint, the container will take any standard drop tip.

The Primo can be purchased in silver, dark-coloredPermetalic, darkAndpurple, dark coloredAndoff white, and bronze.

Buy Now

Joyetech eVic Primo Public

Joyetech eVic Primo, Unimax 25 Technical specs and FeaturesSpecifications – eVic Primo modSize: 53.0mm by 26.0mm back button 134.0mm (with aquarium)Excess fat: 156g (wVersusa energy)Outcome method: VolkswagenAndVT (National insurancePerTiVersusSS316)PerTCRFor eachSmartWattage end result assortment: 1-200WTemperature vary: 100-315°COr 200-600°FResistance vary VW: .1-3.5ohmResistance array TC: .05-1.5ohmBattery: double 18650 tissues (25A CDR advisable) Utmost asking recent: 1.5AMax productivity existing: 50AOutput tension range: .5-9VSpecifications – Unimax 25 tankHeight: 54mm (which include leak rule and 510)Size: 25mmWeight: 58gCapacity: 5mlKit contentseVic Primo modUnimax 25 atomizerTwo BFXL Kth-.5? DL headOne StickerQC Flash cableUser manualWarranty and warning cardsSpare elements

Encapsulate It UpWith 200W the eVic Primo provides the esmoking lean muscle to manage just about anything you wish to place at it, such as TC, and appearance excellent doing it. Of course the mod is still simply a primary level pack together with the unmistakable eVic the front table, but Joyetech has increased a handful of new angular style tips plus a two-well toned color scheme that work in concert to obtain the mod a nice aesthetic appeal.

Though some may obtain making use of the Primo like a electricity financial institution to become a suspect feature, some others will quickly realize that it is blessing when by helping cover their a clicking cellular phone without wall socket. You decide, but choices a usually a good factor, IMO.

I like how the Unimax 25 encourage Cubis coil nailers having an card, which presents you with an array of coil possibilities that includes Clapton, National insurance, Stainless steel, Step rings, and the like to make best use of the Primo’s 200 w and Thread count characteristics. Even though it’s kind of unsatisfactory that there are no RBA method with the Unimax 25, it appears almost like Joytech was prioritizing simplicity, and who knows – an RBA may be produced for an choice in the future. And, certainly, you should use any 25mm water tank or RDA to the Primo and this will tackle it with no trouble.

So, for now let us must are satisfied with prebuilt circles, which looks like an excellent strategy in giving you the best, inconvenience-free, trickle-totally free, and avalanche-absolutely free practical experience – and that is almost everything we have come to be expecting from Joyetech.

Acquire Now

iStick 100W TC Mod Announced

iStick 100W TC

Eleaf have been hectic and therefore are now getting before-orders placed with regard to their brand spanking new 100W temporary control mod.We will need to declare that it appears quite great and this will charge about Money46!

The iStick 100W TC will feature combined 18650 battery power with two over unity magnetic entrance doors on each side on the mod.It will be possible to ask for the 18650s by means of Hardware 12v charger if you ever hope, and for swifter receiving, i’d recommend asking for them within the external 18650 12v charger.The iStick TC 100W may even feature upgradable firmware and Temps control capable of utilizing National insuranceAndTiPerStainless steelVersusTCR wire connections.The iStick 100W Thread count will also gain a low profile hearth option akin to those of the SMOK By-Cube Two.

Ave40 already have them available for Buck39.00 the following.Help you save 10Pct at Ave40 making use of the coupon code: AVE4010

To get more requirements on the new iStick 100W thread count investigate specifications portion under.

iStick100W TC Specs featuring


Dimension: 52mm4 .23mm-94mm

Bond sort: 510 carefully thread

Mobile phone style: excessive-amount 18650 solar cells

(Eliminate recent really should be higher than 25A, for instance, Sony VTC4)

Production manner: VWAndBypass/Thread count(NiAndTiVersusSS/TCR-M1,M2,M3) style

Outcome electricity consuming: 1-100W

Level of resistance variety: .05-1.5ohm(Thread count settings)

.1-3.5ohm(VW/Go around setting)

Temperatures range: 100? 315? For each200? 600? (TC processes)

Colouring: , light

black and dreary